high priority

  • Icons for the wiki, extract if possible or screencap if necessary. Weapon icons, skill icons, etc.
  • Find someone who actually knows how to make decent templates and stuff. The better the wiki looks, the more seriously people will take it.
  • Test the game and find out more about basic mechanics like the tesla shops and weapon values like accuracy and armor penetration.
  • Level ingame characters up to experiment with skills and clarify their mechanics.
  • Get all the shop item lists and costs up to date, even though they'll probably be changed soon, it shouldn't take long to do.
  • Figure out and write about how exactly melee crits and block zones work.

low priority

  • Write an advanced walkthrough with screencaps for a quest stage to serve as a template for future walkthroughs. I (melon) plan on doing this relatively soon, so don't worry about it.
  • Write advanced, screencapped walkthroughs for the other missions.
  • Get screencaps of all the PVE enemy types.
  • Create and fill out the PVP maps pages with screenshots, maps of powerup locations, and general descriptions.
  • Get graphical representations of character hitboxes and special skill damage zones. (Just taking screenshots and highlighting zones in an image editor would do, but they should be pretty thorough eventually.)


  • Get actual numeric stat values for weapons. This will be sort of a pain in the ass to figure out just via testing, and a lot of values things may be changed on top of that, so it'd be sort of a waste right now. A decent temporary solution would be to just screencap the ingame stat boxes for the weapons and compile them on a page for reference.
  • Put hyperlinks all over the place like a wiki should have. This isn't that important yet since a lot of pages might be moved around and stuff so it might be sort of a waste, and it's not like you can get lost on the wiki yet really.