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Wayne the Strider #2Edit

15 april - Venister 

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Hi everyone. Venister here. Strider is a Japanese fighter appeared as a cowboy.

As I told you before

I’d like to share more details of Wayne. Today I’d like to reveal more about his ranged weapons.

Whip The ‘Whip’ is very attractive. He can pull an enemy to himself with his whip. Because the skill is a basic skill, you can make a new tactics with it though it could be guarded. Also with special skills, he can give tons of damages to many other enemies at the same time. Especially the ultimate skill 'R' cannot be guarded, and it will place your enemies in the air.


Strider’s unique weapon is Revolver, which deals significant damage to his foes. His special skill, ‘Fast Draw’, lets him cast critical hit on the first target he shoots after drawing revolver from the holsters. Fast Draw skill shot cannot be guarded with any melee weapon, either. There is also down side of this weapon. Since it’s not an automatic firearm, you need to fire each of your bullets carefully. If you need high DPS (Damage Per Second) at once, you would have to click fast. Revolver is also weak in long ranged battle since it is optimized for short and mid ranged combat situations.

Lever Action Rifle

Lever Action Rifle is another unique weapon of Wayne’s. It’s very similar to sniper rifle but it does not have zoom functionality. It has accurate aim and is designed to be used in long ranged battle. Enemies shot with lever action rifle also get stunned for a moment just like sniper rifle does. Its delay is shorter than sniper rifles but deals lower damage than sniper rifle, and the effective range is shorter than sniper rifle, too.

More Details on Tumbling

Advantages of Tumbling: Distance that you can move with tumbling is longer than dash. It also grants super armor status so it cannot be interfered with any melee attack. Tumbling’s passive also reduces damages that you take from your enemies. Disadvantages of Tumbling: You cannot change the direction of your movement while you're tumbling. Tumbling is also slower than dashing. Toggling between ranged and melee weapons while tumbling is also very difficult.

I would like to say that the upcoming update will be huge in size. We’ve made a number of changes on game balance and added more stylish combos. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, the network code will be further optimized. This update will be made before arrival of Wayne, and we will post another announcement with more details of the next update very soon. Thank you.