Ivan (Silent Avenger)
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Basic Information

Ivan (Silent Avenger)




100 HP, 0 AP


Sniper Rifle
Submachine Gun

Starter Skills

Cyclone Kick, Death Strike

A highly motivated and aggressive faction of the Assassins' Brotherhood, Silent Avengers subject themselves to a rigorous daily regimen at the harshest training facilities the Brotherhood owns. They strike swiftly and silently, disappearing into the darkness after eliminating a mark.

Ivan the Silent Avenger is the first playable member of the Children of Georr band of assassins. With his full acrobatic range and strong melee emphasis, to many he's the greatest reminder of high-level GunZ 1 gameplay. He tends to rely primarily on his Longsword category melee weapons to do high amounts of relatively easy-to-connect damage in combination with the standard brief melee stuns, adding great viability to his primary or secondary bullet weapons. As is appropriate, he excels at assassination, quickly dispatching unsuspecting targets from far away with his Sniper Rifle or by swooping in with his sword, though he's far from helpless even when caught in the fray.


Silent Avenger weapon Stats Page

  • Longswords are a melee weapon category unique to the Silent Avenger. Longswords typically do quick, fast damage and the Longswords' block zone reaches down to the Silent Avenger's knees. Like most melee weapons, wielding a Longsword grants the ability to hang from walls. A Longsword is capable of three different combo chains with varying utility: (Left = Normal Attack, Right = Secondary Attack)
    • Left, Left, Left, Left: Three regular slashes followed by a heavy slash which breaks blocks and knocks down enemies immediately.
    • Left, Right: A regular slash followed by a launching slash which bypasses and briefly disables an enemy's block and knocks them backward.
    • Left, Left, Left, Right: Three regular slashes followed by a standard upwards launch. Like usual, the launch does not bypass block.
  • Sniper Rifles are a ranged, hitscan weapon category unique to the Silent Avenger. They fire relatively slow, but does massive damage. Without using the scope function, the Sniper Rifle is extremely inaccurate to the degree of practical uselessness in both medium and far ranged combat, but sniper rifles have perfect accuracy while scoping. Sniper Rifles can can be fired while performing any acrobatics, but they can only be scoped while standing on the ground, and you are forced to walk instead of running while scoped. Although the default Deer Hunter rifle is not quite strong enough to kill an undamaged class with standard armor and health via headshot, other Sniper Rifles are capable of doing so. Additionally, Sniper Rifles are the only hitscan weapon which can break an enemy's melee guard.
  • Submachine Guns are a ranged, hitscan weapon category which the Silent Avenger shares with the Shadow Dancer. Submachine Guns fire a spray of bullets with decent power, but generally does not do  enough damage to kill as opposed to a Longsword which does massive damage. Continued fire increases weapon spread and reticule size. At minimum spread, Submachine Guns are almost perfectly accurate, but at maximum spread, Submachine Guns cannot be relied on for headshots even at a medium range (the range at which a typical gunfight occurs). Submachine Guns have no secondary function.


1 Skillicon SA SonicSlash Death Strike Full gauge
Dash approximately 7 meters forward, instantly killing any enemy player in your path. Death Strike is both one of the only attack skills which has no warning or wind-up animation and the only one which instantly kills a player instead of doing damage over time.
Skillicon SA CycloneKick Cyclone Kick One Bar
Leap forward approximately 3.3 meters, performing a spinning sword slash which knocks down nearby enemies and does ?? damage. While the attack only lasts half a second, the Silent Avenger is invincible during this time. (Note: Strangely, the damage zone of the Cyclone Kick does not include the area directly next to the user, so you shouldn't stand right next to your intended victim when using it.)
3 Skillicon Common Thrust Parry One bar
Press both attack buttons at once when an enemy strikes to avoid its damage and push the enemy backwards and away from you along the ground. This is useful for breaking out of staggering melee combos, but not for incapacitating your enemies, since the recovery time for both yourself and the enemy affected is the same. There is no penalty for spamming both the attack buttons until successfully parrying instead of trying to time it.
5 Skillicon Common AerialEvasion Aerial Dodge One bar, Launched into air
Press the jump key to recover from helplessness and dash. The direction of the dash can be controlled with the movement keys.
Skillicon Common RisingAttack Rising Attack Knocked onto ground
Press the main attack key to recover more quickly than otherwise and perform a melee attack. Hold a movement key while pressing the melee attack to roll before attacking.
8 Skillicon SA Shadowmeld Shadow Cloak Wallhang for 3+ seconds
The Silent Avenger becomes completely invisible until he moves. And can only be detected by being damaged or through use of the Gunslinger's Intuition skill.
10 Skillicon SA LightningSpear Lightning Blade Melee Equipped
Momentarily coat the tip of your blade in Optimite energy to deliver a powerful blow to enemies. To use, press the strong melee attack button.
15 Skillicon SA Soundless Silent Stalker Melee Equipped
Use ancient techniques to greatly reduce all sound during movement.
20 Skillicon SA LastOneShot Lucky Bullet 1 bullet left in magazine
Imbue your last sniper rifle round with Optimite energy, guaranteeing a Critical Hit.

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