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Basic Information





90 HP, 115 AP


Rocket Launcher

Starter Skills

This'll cheer you up!, You've got a Bear Package!

As optimite implanted soldiers occupied the center of battle field, the modern day combat became more and more dependent on small scale limited warfare. Hence, portable firearms are a lot more preferred than heavy machineries which often requre a lot of resource for transportation and complex process for operation. As a result, rocket launcher are widely used nowadays. Rocket Troopers are special heavy infantry who have adapted to this change.

Rose the Rocket Trooper is an extraordinary teenager from Iron Legion who likes rockets, explosions, and teddy bears. She uses her rocket launcher from a distance and her shotgun in close combat. She is a powerful ranged fighter but she may struggle in melee fights. 


Rocket Trooper weapon Stats Page

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shotgun
  • Knife

Skills Edit

1 24234244234 You've got a Bear Package! Full guage
Summon a robot bear and present to everyone who is expecting a package.
Wsdasdasdasd This'll cheer you up! One Bar
Place an item at the current location for anyone who needs an item, although it may not be an item!
3 Skillicon Common Thrust Parry One bar
Press both attack buttons at once when an enemy strikes to avoid its damage and push the enemy backwards and away from you along the ground. This is useful for breaking out of staggering melee combos, but not for incapacitating your enemies, since the recovery time for both yourself and the enemy affected is the same. There is no penalty for spamming both the attack buttons until successfully parrying instead of trying to time it.
5 Skillicon Common AerialEvasion Aerial Dodge One bar, Launched into air
Press the jump key to recover from helplessness and dash. The direction of the dash can be controlled with the movement keys.
Skillicon Common RisingAttack Rising Attack Knocked onto ground
Press the main attack key to recover more quickly than otherwise and perform a melee attack. Hold a movement key while pressing the melee attack to roll before attacking.
8 2eqwewqe Rolling with Style
Roll to keep cool and not show your enemies you're in pain. (Effect: Melee and Ranged defense increased by 20% when rolling)
10 324tr5yuilo;;' What you got in there? Melee Equipped
Quickly jump into enemy's face and thrust with great force. Rose sometimes trips over her own face.
15 2014-07-20 00002 Mine Doesn't Hurt
A real master of rocketry can always bear pain that she chooses to bear. (Effect: take 50% reduced damage from own rockets)

(Effect: take 70% reduced damage from own rocket when ZP guage is full)

20 21e3wrt Hurrrrry! Full Z Guage
Rose gets worked up and rapidly fire rockets. (Effect: Increased rocket firing rate and reload speed)

BUT StrategyEdit

Rose the Rocket Trooper is very effective at long range combat and provides a new aspect of zoning and applying pressure to opponents due to her ability to set mines and her weapons' great explosive range. Her collection of weapons allow her to hit multiple enemies very well when clustered together or in tight spaces.