Optimite Gears are a special form of equipment one may use to upgrade their character in any combination of four categories. A mercenary's equipment slots for gears are locked and unusable by default, but become available one slot at a time at level 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, and 20 for a total of six slots available. A gear will bind to a specific character once equipped, but all gears are permenant, with no timer or durability value, and may be equipped and unequipped at any time. Specific gears may be given for free as a level-progression reward, but may also be purchased from the shop for 2500 Gold.

Any gear, once purchased, may be upgraded from its default level 1 up to level 5 via the Gear Upgrade menu for 1200 gold initially, and an additional 600 gold for consecutive upgrades. Attempting a gear upgrade has a chance of failure which rises depending on the upgrade level attempted. When an upgrade fails, your gold will be spent and unrewarded, and your gear's level may also be reduced by one when trying to upgrade beyond level 3.

Gear Effect Per Lvl
Item 10810001 i
Gear of Fortitude

HP +1

Item 10810006 i
Gear of Protection

Armor +1.5

Item 10810011 i
Gear of Aggression 

Melee Critical Hit +0.4%

Gear of Percep
Item 10810031 i

Ranged Piercing +0.8%

The following gears have not been released yet.
Item 10810026 i
Gear of Piercing
Melee Piercing +X%
Item 10810016 i
Gear of Finesse
Weapon Swap Time -X%
Item 10810021 i
Gear of Dexterity
Reload Time -X%
Item 10810036 i
Gear of Recovery
Recover 1 HP per player kill (X per NPC kill)
Item 10810041 i
Gear of Utility
Field Item Effect +X%